Land Division and Master Planning

Virginia Lazarou & Associates offers consulting services that deliver objectivity and technical insight to help clients make informed decisions about land issues. In this way, we can help clients to increase the value of their land and capitalise on their investment through efficient land division, by guiding them through the land division process – from initial investigation, planning, and survey, to obtaining new titles.

The need for sustainable urban (and to a certain extent, rural) solutions has never been greater. Our master-planning services focus on developing healthy, safe places in which people can thrive, communities can evolve, and where the environment can flourish.

Through our associate company, we provide a range of highly accurate and cost effective services relating to Land Division, Master Planning, and Topographic and Land Survey matters using sophisticated GPS software.

Areas of specialisation include:

  • Topographic maps and diagrams
  • Property division studies and determinations,
  • Land boundary readjustment and amalgamation – following Department of Lands and Surveys instructions
  • Photogrammetric studies
  • Remote sensing studies
  • Geographical information systems
  • Dynamic maps for topographical, hydrological and road studies
  • Spatial studies – to identify land suitability for buildings and projects

Property Market Research and Analysis

We monitor and identify property trends and deliver projections that help clients make critical decisions.

By continuously sourcing and analysing data on the Cyprus property market, we help clients adapt to influences outside the industry and country that could impact on their business or investment initiatives. Retail impact studies are also undertaken on behalf of clients.

Corporate Relocation

Any move is stressful, but corporate moves are very complex and involve every department and employee.

Virginia Lazarou & Associates can handle the planning and execution of a corporate relocation to ensure minimum disruption and maximum efficiency. We will work with you to set target dates, communicate with employees and associates, engage reliable relocation contractors, move IT and communications equipment, and smoothly manage the transition – all to an agreed, documented plan.

Feasibility Studies and Development Advice

At the inception of a project we can assist clients to formulate development feasibility, viability, sensitivity, and environmental studies – enabling informed decisions at a time when it matters most.

We are experts at:

  • research on planning issues
  • economic modelling and planning
  • property market research
  • assessment of project-specific risks and development opportunities
  • preparation of high-level construction-cost budgets for alternative design solutions
  • preparation of anticipated cash flow associated with major expenditure milestones
  • participating with key team members in initial strategic planning sessions
  • preparation of sensitivity analyses which factor in time and cost variables
  • providing advice on the types of expenditure and levels of costs
  • implementing risk analysis and determining levels of contingency
  • preparation of high-level cost/benefit analysis, measuring both capital and operational costs

Investment Advice and Portfolio Management

Virginia Lazarou & Associates can help clients with all aspects of investing to ensure that investments are well positioned for medium- and long-term goals, while also taking into account current market conditions.

We offer expert advice on managing investment portfolios, diversifying investments across all major asset classes, regular monitoring of portfolios, making adjustments according to predetermined risk profiles, investment goals and prevailing market conditions.

Consultancy Services Concerning Specific Property Issues

  • We accept appointments as expert witnesses in property cases that go to Court, or to Tribunals and Arbitrations.
  • We offer a full range of property tax planning services to support clients’ personal or business goals.
  • We are able to guide, offer advice, and negotiate on behalf of either lessor or lessee in relation to property lease renewals.
  • In cases of property ownership disputes, we are able to act in the resolution process without favour or influence.
  • We can act as an owner’s representative in cases of compulsory purchases – always acting in the owner’s best interest and seeking to maximise compensation.






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